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Mor: Workshop
Tal R & Jonathan Meese - Workshop. En dilletantkomedie med udgangspunkt i H.C. Andersens "Historien om en Moder". 18... Les mer
Reading the Remove of Literature
Nick Thurston is an artist living and working in Leeds. After collaborating on text-based artworks, this new publication is Nick’s first solo... Les mer
The Uncertain States of America Reader
Texts by Giorgio Agamben, Dora Apel, Jack Bankowsky, David Barringer, Bernadette Corporation, John Bowe et al., Johanna Burton, Paul Chan, Critical... Les mer
Photographs of vegetation, the world as a salad bowl. Typically a painter and collage artist, Tal R utilizes photography in his book Brunemark.... Les mer
The Josephine Meckseper Catalogue No. 2
Text by Sylvère Lotringer Only appearances remain: why not raise them to the level of a style? E. M. Cioran In Meckseper’s work, objects... Les mer
Edited by April Elizabeth Lamm Preface by Rem Koolhaas, afterword by Daniel Birnbaum, title by Douglas Gordon “If art takes place in a... Les mer
After constitutes a photographic project on how art affects our perception of reality. Visually expanding on the art world’s tendency to see the... Les mer
The Accident of Art
Urbanist and technological theorist Paul Virilio trained as a painter, studying under Henri Matisse, Georges Braque, Bazaine and de Stael. In The... Les mer
The Conspiracy of Art
The images from Abu Ghraib are as murderous for America as those of the World Trade Center in flames. The whole West is contained in the burst of... Les mer
Charles Baudelaire – den misskände dekadenten – var inte bara en av de verkligt stora poeterna, modernismens viktigaste förelöpare, utan... Les mer
I on a Lion in Zion
Graduating from the Stockholm University in 1987 with a B A in Literature and Linguistics, Karl Holmqvist first turned to video as a way of combining... Les mer
The Populism Reader
Texts by Marius Babias, Ina Blom, Anthony Davies, Mads Ted Drud-Jensen & Lars Erik Frank, Simon Frith, Brian Holmes, Ernesto Laclau, Dieter Lesage,... Les mer
Djupt inne i sommaren og andre essay
Eva Jensens essay er nedslag i litterære posisjonar, tekstar og forfattarskapar, og er resultatet av eit arbeid med litteratur og kunst gjennom tjue... Les mer
The Populism Catalogue
Texts by Bernadette Corporation, Matias Faldbakken, Liam Gillick, John Kelsey, Gila Lustiger, Jean-Charles Massera, Niels Henrik Svarre Nielsen,... Les mer
Samisk Folkekunst
Med sit udvalg af over 300 genstande og sammenstillingen af billederne giver Jorn en kunstnerisk fortolkning af samspillet mellem samerne, naturen og... Les mer
Kunsthæfte 9
Pornografi som dadaistisk... > Les mer
Vecket: Leibniz och barocken
I Vecket: Leibniz och barocken sätter Deleuze Leibniz filosofi i förbindelse med en »barock» estetik, dels som ett historiskt fenomen, men också... Les mer
Texts by Joachim Bessing, Alexa Hennig von Lange, Christian Kracht, Ulrike and Antje Kuschel, Antje Majewski, Christiane Mennicke, Dora Miran, Ingo... Les mer
Terminal 5
Contributions by Paul Andreu, J.G. Ballard, Glenn O’Brien, Nicolas Bourriaud, Douglas Coupland, Ben Davis, Wendy Dorsett, Dave Eggers, Norman... Les mer
Markus Schinwald
Edited by Markus Heinzelmann, Nicolaus Schafhausen. Text by Vanessa Joan Müller, interview by Markus Heinzelmann The films, photos,... Les mer
The Paradoxes of Art
In this study, Alan Paskow first asks why fictional characters, such as Hamlet and Anna Karenina, matter to us and how they are able to emotionally... Les mer
Sex, Art, and the Dow Jones
Sex, Art, and the Dow Jones attempts to extract a certain number of aesthetic topics from their historic contexts (art and film history) in order to... Les mer
The Royal Road to the Unconscious
In January 2003, eighty-three students from York College cut out every word from Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams and as... Les mer
The first volume of Adorno. The Possibility of the Impossible comprises theoretical essays which investigate the relevance of Adorno’s critical... Les mer