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Brief Under Water
Brief Under Water is a sequence of 55 short passages that uses prose narrative as a design element in a larger lyric structure. The title refers to... Les mer
You Are The Business
You Are The Business is a new book by Caroline Dubois, a Parisian poet who teaches at the Ecole des Beaux-Artsand who has translated Norma Cole and... Les mer
Dwelling examines the relationship between space and the events and objects that exist within it. Using T.S. Eliot's favored device of objective... Les mer
Au petit garage [B]
Au petit garage er en ikke-kommersiell skriftserie med hovedfokus på nyere norsk og skandinavisk litteratur. Au petit garage [B] består av 112... > Les mer
Hvedekorn 3/2008
Nyt blad på gaden med ikke mindre end tre store digtserier eller -suiter, eller hvorfor ikke: Tre DIGTSAMLINGER en miniature: ... > Les mer
One of a Kind
A book of art and writing by the American poet, Jack Micheline. One Of A Kind combines unpublished work selected from the ... Les mer
Hvedekorn 1/2008
NY, RADIKALT SPIRENDE ÆRA I HVEDEKORN Den nye poesiredaktør Lars Bukdahl har til sit første nummer indbudt en række af vores bedste digtere... > Les mer
Hvedekorn 2/2008
Hvedekorn nr. 2, 2008 er på gaden med både en dugfrisk 4.000 år gammel ægyptisk tekst, oversat af Mikkel Thykier, og et klassisk snerrende,... > Les mer
Bergvall’s artistic and poetic work is largely concerned with questions of cultural belonging, speaking with an accent, gender and sexual politics,... Les mer
Twelve Meditations
Fanciful, mysterious, and full of love, these laconic and sharp-tongued poems were composed in Norwegian and English with musical precision. Born in... Les mer
Ofte stillede spørgsmål
Her skal der være en tekst om os og hvor vi bor. Her kommer snart en masse af de bedste billeder taget i år. Dette er blot nogle få af mine... Les mer
16 New (to American Readers) German Poets
A magazine issue with poems by Ann Cotton, Franz Josef Czernin, Michael Donhauser, Ute Eisinger, Daniel Falb, Hendrik Jackson, Marget Kreidl, Bert... Les mer
Exquisite Heats
The import of sound and music, cultural iconography, and the fine-spun image are pulsing throughout Cherryl Floyd-Miller’s third collection of... Les mer
Controlled Decay
"Remarkable. . . . Gabriela Jauregui displays perfect pitch: Her lyrics are impressive in their scope, range, empathy--and especially their... Les mer
Calyx Vol. 24
The Winter 2008 issue of CALYX: A JOURNAL OF ART AND LITERATURE BY WOMEN contains poetry by Barbara Crooker, Amanda Turner, Jennifer K. Sweeney,... > Les mer
From the Lightning: Selected Poems
One of the greatest contemporary Chilean poets, Gonzalo Rojas was born in Lebu, Chile in 1917, the seventh son of a coal miner. His vocation as a... Les mer
Collected Poems I (1944—1949)
Nobel Prize-winning poet Nelly Sachs escaped Nazi Germany to Sweden, where she wrote these and other brilliant poems as a "mute outcry" to... Les mer
Permanent Address
"Daughter, wife, mother, bilingual cosmopolite, Lorna Knowles Blake understands from the inside 'dulce de leche,' teenage girls, and closing a... Les mer
Delving into the fissures of language as an opportunity to create something new, Rosenfield appropriates texts from various fields of knowledge... Les mer
En digtbog af forfatterne Per Aage Brandt og Henrik Francis Thomsen om tankebilledets skrift, subjektets substans og kødets glacé. Uddrag noget... Les mer
Dreaming Escape
Valentina Saracini, born in Skopje, Macedonia, currently lives in Prishtina, Kosovo, where she is known both for her poetry and her work as a... Les mer
The Weaklings
A native of Southern California, and born in1953, Cooper is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Closer, Frisk, Try, Guide, Period, My Loose... Les mer
"A wonderful book of presence where sentences point to new directions of meaning among planets, colors, mechanics, botanic and language itself.... Les mer
Hennes titellösa februari lägger vikt vid saker
Hennes titellösa februari lägger vikt vid saker är Anna-Maria Ytterboms andra bok. Liksom i hennes förra bok (En film om Firman och Hannas vad:... Les mer