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Bela Fawr's Cabaret
A new book of poems from writer David Annwn. Gavin Selerie says, "David Annwn's work drills deep into the strata of myth and history, exposing... Les mer
Nuestra voz
An anthology of the Women Writers Committee of International PEN, which consists in a selection of literary texts written by women coming from... Les mer
Poets in View
Hear the voice of the Bard, Who present, past, and future, sees; Whose ears have heard The Holy Word That walk'd among the ancient... Les mer
With grit and humour Zeppelins takes on the speed and surrealist chaos of the metropolis at the beginning of the 21st century. A sequence of sonnets... Les mer
Speed & Other Liberties
Space travel likened to a dream, pursued refugees, bikes ‘ridden in a free-form dance with cars’, Olympian exertion, and a crime whose solution... Les mer
Down to Earth
John Wilkinson’s Down to Earth is his darkest work to date: a disturbing road poem of the American mid-West, an epic of migration, an examination... Les mer
Goose Music
Goose Music is a collection of new poems co-authored by Andy Brown and John Burnside, two writers with backgrounds in ecology and notable for their... Les mer
Unanimous Night
Unanimous Night is the second full-length collection from Tokyo-based poet Michael Brennan. Unanimous Night is an elegy affirming experience, the... Les mer
Hannah and the Monk
Reading Julia Bird's debut collection is like sorting out the contents of an up-ended jewellery box. Crafted formal poems tangle with the rhinestone... Les mer
In a Time of Drought
Set in the crumbling ruins of Yugoslavia, In a Time of Drought condemns war, destruction and dictatorship and invokes fertility, nurture and peace.... Les mer
Det bärande elementet i Anna Hallbergs nya dikter är band, band som i pärlband, radband, blandband, sträcka, livslinje, minne, tid osv. Formen... Les mer
Tranedun: Samlet poesi 2004-2008
Tranedun. Samlet poesi 2004-2008 rummer de digtsamlinger, Eske K. Mathiesen har udgivet siden det store opsamlingsbind ESKE. Forsamlet poesi... Les mer
Best Gay Poetry 2008
Poetry. Anthologies. Gay and Lesbian Studies. Edited by Lawrence Schimel, BEST GAY POETRY 2008 is the first volume in a new annual series collecting... Les mer
Små guder
Små guder er en art portrætdigte. De portrætterede er ind imellem genkendelige, ind imellem tydeligvis private relationer og ind imellem... Les mer
‘Sometimes you read collections that in their ambition and concerns alert the mind to the possibility of obtaining a new perspective on what else... Les mer
A Coney Island of the Mind
A million copies in print—translated into over a dozen languages—one of the best-selling and most popular books of poetry ever published, now... Les mer
Alting ender med et bryllup
Rasmus Nikolajsens nye digtsamling består af 64 digte, alle på 8 linjer og med 8 stavelser i hver linje. Alle digtene kredser om kærlighed, men... Les mer
The Brand New Dark
Mark Waldron’s debut collection The Brand New Dark is a book about sex, eyes, eggs, dogs, death and sausages. It is a book concerned with our loss... Les mer
Alison Croggon's bold new collection, Theatre, uses a range of narratives, fables, monologues and compressed lyrics to examine female identity and... Les mer
Hvis Helsinki
"9–11–94 200 meter individuel medley: Ved bassinet er luften fugtig. En drage flyver horisontalt på den... Les mer
Verden klippet ud med en skæv saks Rammen for Carsten René Nielsens niende digtsamling er et kvarter i en by i Danmark. ”Det lokale er det... Les mer
OEI 3–5/2008 (39–41): Mix-up
OEI är en tidskrift ägnad åt konceptuell poesi, estetisk teori och -teknologi. Sedan 1999 har den också givit sig hän åt kritik, brus, idioti,... > Les mer
Speaking the Estranged
Speaking the Estranged brings together the work by Michael Heller on the distinguished American Objectivist poet George Oppen (1908-1984), written... Les mer
The Golden Boat
There are very few major European poets of the early twentieth century not already known to English-language audiences, but Srečko Kosovel is one.... Les mer