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Studying English Literature
Studying English Literature is a unique guide for undergraduates beginning to study the discipline of literature and those who are thinking of doing... Les mer
On (Surplus) Value in Art
Drawing on fresh readings of Marxist and post-modern thought, renowned German cultural critic Diedrich Diederichsen compares the abstract and... Les mer
Samlede kunstkritikker
Boken inneholder alle forfatterens kunstkritikker mellom 2005 og 2008, og i tillegg forord av Ina Blom, Jon Refsdal Moe og Johanne Nordby... Les mer
Öppna Venus
»Venus födelse« av renässansmästaren Botticelli är ett givet exempel på idealiseringen av den... Les mer
Shakespeare’s Ideas
An in-depth exploration, through his plays and poems, of the philosophy of Shakespeare as a great poet, a great dramatist and a "great... Les mer
Derrida, Heidegger, Blanchot
Jacques Derrida is undoubtedly one of the foremost figures in the development of twentienth-century literary theory. The school of... Les mer
The Future of the Image
In The Future of the Image, Jacques Rancière develops a fascinating new concept of the image in contemporary art, showing how art and politics have... Les mer
Katastrofens skrift
Maurice Blanchots (1907–2003) filosofiska verk är förhållandevis okända i Sverige, trots att ett flertal kända franska filosofer har tagit... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to Theatre Studies
Providing thorough coverage of the methods and tools required in studying historical and contemporary theatre, this introduction examines the... Les mer
How to Read World Literature
How to Read World Literature addresses the unique challenges faced by a reader confronting foreign literature. Accessible and enlightening, Damrosch... Les mer
From Modernism to Postmodernism
In this overview of twentieth-century American poetry, Jennifer Ashton examines the relationship between modernist and postmodernist American... Les mer
American Literary Realism, Critical Theory, and Intellectual Prestige, 1880–1995
Focusing on key works of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American literary realism, Phillip Barrish traces the emergence of new ways of... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to British Romantic Poetry
More than any other period of British literature, Romanticism is strongly identified with a single genre. Romantic poetry has been one of the most... Les mer
Origins of the Underground
The background to Origins of the Underground is really the story of how British poets became intellectuals. As they retreated from inherited and... Les mer
The End of Literary Theory
The essays in this collection are concerned with the philosophical problems that arise in connection with the understanding and evaluation of... Les mer
The Paradoxes of Art
In this study, Alan Paskow first asks why fictional characters, such as Hamlet and Anna Karenina, matter to us and how they emotionally affect us. He... Les mer
Dostoevsky and the Christian Tradition
Dostoevsky is one of Russia’s greatest novelists and a major influence in modern debates about religion, both in Russia and the West. This... Les mer
Language and Sexism
The issue of sexist language has been hotly debated within feminist circles since the 1960s. Previous books have tended to regard sexism in language... Les mer
Välkommen till konvergenskulturen! Här möts och korsas nya och gamla medier, här kolliderar gräsrotsentusiaster och de stora mediebolagen, med... Les mer
Drama för lärande och insikt
Gavin Bolton och Dorothy Heathcote har under 40 år fungerat som ett dramapedagogiskt radarpar. Hon har varit inspiratören, han uttolkaren som har... Les mer
Att röra en värld
Den erotiska triangeln – svartsjukeintrigen där två personer strider om uppmärksamheten hos en tredje – är en välkänd formation i... Les mer
Law and Literature
The emergence of an interdisciplinary study of law and literature is one of the most exciting theoretical developments taking place in North America... Les mer
The Renaissance Dialogue
This is a full-length study of the use of the dialogue form in Italy from the early sixteenth century until Galileo. Drawing on a wide range of... Les mer
The Novel of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1975)
This is a major English study of the novels of the Spanish Civil War. The book is based on an analysis of some eighty Spanish novels, written in... Les mer