A Boy's First Book of Chlamydia: Poems 1996-2002

Daniel f. Bradley has been developing his craft in Toronto for the last 20 years with little to no recognition from literary critics. In fact, despite the vast body of work that has appeared, Daniel has never sought a public larger than what he can touch with his own senses. In a similar fashion, Daniel’s poetry is immediate and intimate - a poetry that cleans language to a point millimeters before abstraction can occur. With an uncanny and fetishistic urban lyricism that has quietly claimed its own linguistic territory in the heart of Toronto, the poetry of Daniel f. Bradley attempts to be nothing more than language pure and simple. BookThug is proud to present this first full-length trade edition by the poet who wrote the poem from which BookThug takes its name.

Emerging as part of the smallpress explosion of the mid 1980s Daniel f. Bradley has been a constant figure in the underground literary circles of Toronto. Previous books include Books of Blue Frit (Outlands), The Sharp Corners (The Expert Press), and you will wait for me mid step for my arrival with the slow of arms and fire the ring fingered sky reached come on big boy (Lyricalmyrical Press).

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