Crows in the Wind

A crow in the wind
seems to know
as much as you do.

Crows in the Wind
is the first part of a series of chapbook-length poems by Canada’s former Poet Laureate, Uncle George. Since January, Bowering has taken it upon himself to compose a poem per day in month-long segments. Only now has be begun the arduous task of searching out chapbook publishers (which will be difficult, since there aren’t very many of us around!) to produce the project as it was intended. BookThug is pleased to initiate the project. The second book, A Knot of Light will appear shortly from XXXXX XXXXXXXX's No Press.

Everyone knows George Bowering.

Note: the cover is printed black on black so the image accompanying this page probably doesn't look too interesting. It is, however, gorgeous to behold.

Nøkkelord: Poesi