ESP: Accumulation Sonnets

Poetry. In ESP: ACCUMULATION SONNETS, we "listen in" to hear language that usually passes through. MillAr asks: if you throw out the nets, what will be caught? What will be missed? What will be miss-represented? And then, as time passes, what shall we do with these linear fragments of time that interleave their lyric eye among the wreckage of their own attention? Read them, of course. This sequence of 15-line sonnets documents time in the way that Spicer spoke of the serial poem: you have to let the poems lead the way or you'll just wind up lost in the woods.

Jay MillAr is a Toronto poet, editor, publisher, teacher, and virtual bookseller. He is the author of ESP: ACCUMULATION SONNETS (2009), LACK LYRICS (2008), the small blue (2007), False Maps for Other Creatures (2005), Mycological Studies (2002), and THE GHOSTS OF JAY MILLAR (2000). In 2006 he published Double Helix, a collaborative "novel" written with Stephen Cain.