Fun With Pataphysics

Fun With ’Pataphysics gives definitive answers to your unanswerable poetic questions and offers all the unsolicted writing advice you will never follow.

Have questions like, ‘What is poetry?’ ‘Why do poets write poetry?’ or even ‘How do I get published?’ tormented your muse for ethernity? Fun With ’Pataphysics is here to help. Learn why poems sparkle, how to scare poets, and why poems have the power to make us cry. Conduct complex intensive poetic experiments in the comfort of your own home. This unauthorized collection of Sharon Harris’s widely popular Word column ships with previously unpublished illustrations by the author. Fun With ’Pataphysics makes boring Poetry 101 discourse obsolete and ushers in a new era of poetic research.

Sharon Harris
lives in Toronto where she is a mother of two and runs and the ongoing project POETOGRAPHY.

Nøkkelord: Poesi