Trivial Everyday Things: Selected Poems of Jorgen Leth

Translated from the Danish by Martin Aitken. Jørgen Leth is one of Denmark's foremost modern poets and a leading international filmmaker. As a poet, he consistently employs unostentatious, matter-of-fact language and exhibits strong filmic qualities, often in the form of notes and stage directions. Poems and films: two sides of his extensive ouevre, intricately interwoven. Watch the poem. Read the film. Leth was doing intertextuality almost before they called it anything. TRIVIAL EVERYDAY THINGS is a collection of Leth's poems spanning some forty years, selected and translated with exquisite restraint by Martin Aitken. It is, astonishingly, the first book-length collection of Leth's poetry to appear in English.

Jørgen Leth (born 1937) is primarily know for films like The Perfect Human, playfully revived by Leth and enfant terrible countryman Lars von Trier in the irresistible The Five Obstructions. Leth's latest (of forty-three), Erotic Man, recently premiered to rave reviews and walk-outs at the Toronto Film Festival. A long-time resident of Haiti, Leth now lives in the Dominican Republic.

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