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Language Lateralization and Psychosis
In 1861 Paul Broca discovered that, in most individuals, the left hemisphere of the brain is dominant for language. Taking language as an example,... Les mer
Kort om barnevern
Kort om barnevern forteller deg konkret og klart hva barnevern i norske kommuner er. Her får du vite: - hvilke barn som trenger... Les mer
Is being happy beneficial to your health, wealth, and social relationships? Is there an optimal level of happiness for obtaining your goals? Is there... Les mer
Raising Kids in the 21st Century
An easy-to-read guide on raising emotionally healthy children that is based on sound psychological research. The book's format makes it a good choice... Les mer
The Book of Memory
Mary Carruthers’s classic study of the training and uses of memory for a variety of purposes in European cultures during the Middle Ages has... Les mer
The Psychology of Genocide
Genocide has tragically claimed the lives of over 262 million victims in the last century. Jews, Armenians, Cambodians, Darfurians, Kosovons,... Les mer
A Guide to Teaching Developmental Psychology
Part of the Blackwell Series on Teaching Psychological Science, this practical, hands-on guide shares ideas, tips, and strategies for effectively... Les mer
The World Without, the Mind Within
In this challenging study, André Gallois proposes and defends a thesis about the character of our knowledge of our own intentional states. Taking up... Les mer
Schizophrenic Speech
This book reviews our knowledge of the incoherent speech which can present as a symptom of schizophrenia. This is one of the most researched symptoms... Les mer
Å stirre på solen
Det er blitt sagt om Irvin Yaloms forfatterskap, enten han har skrevet fagbøker, terapeutiske anekdoter, essaystikk eller romaner, at han er den... Les mer
Better Mental Health Care
A concise guide to establishing, developing and evaluating modern mental health services, providing the relevant evidence to support necessary... Les mer
Improving Intergroup Relations
Improving Intergroup Relations focuses on emerging research directions for improving intergroup relations, a field which has been largely influenced... Les mer
The Recognition and Management of Early Psychosis
The treatment of early psychosis has been bedevilled by an entrenched pessimism, stemming from the asylum era and the Kraepelinian model of... Les mer
Research Methods for Social Psychology
Research Methods for Social Psychology teaches students to think like an experimental social psychologist. Striking a balance between theoretical... Les mer
Forensic Psychology
Forensic Psychology provides students with an in-depth and insightful introduction to the clinical practice of forensic psychology. Incorporating two... Les mer
Psychopathology is a comprehensive introductory textbook covering all facets of psychopathology and clinical practice for students at all levels... Les mer
Sleep Medicine
Sleep disorders exact a high toll on society in terms of diminished quality of life, reduced productivity and cost to medical services. This book... Les mer
Stalkers and their Victims
Stalking has moved from being a novel area for study to become a core area of concern for mental health professionals, lawyers and other members of... Les mer
Neuropsychological Neurology
Essential to the management of patients suffering from neurological disorders is an understanding of the cognitive aspects of these conditions. This... Les mer
Intervention and Resilience after Mass Trauma
Traumatic events and disasters are an unexpected but not uncommon aspect of our lives. This book describes the field of disaster mental and... Les mer
Society and Psychosis
Psychiatry is in the process of rediscovering its roots. It seemed as if the long history of interest in the impact of society on the rates and... Les mer
Upper Motor Neurone Syndrome and Spasticity
Spasticity is a disabling problem for many adults and children with a variety of neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, cerebral... Les mer
Adolescent Emotional Development and the Emergence of Depressive Disorders
One of the most striking aspects of the epidemiology of depressive disorders is the rapid rise in incidence observed between the ages of 11 and 14.... Les mer
History of Cognitive Neuroscience
History of Cognitive Neuroscience documents the major neuroscientific experiments and theories over the last century and a half in the domain of... Les mer