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The Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness
The Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness is the first of its kind in the field, and its appearance marks a unique time in the history of intellectual... Les mer
Adult Eyewitness Testimony
Adult Eyewitness Testimony: Current Trends and Developments provides an overview of empirical research on eyewitness testimony and identification... Les mer
The Nutritional Psychology of Childhood
The Nutritional Psychology of Childhood is a systematic account of research on the psychological aspects of nutrition in children from birth to... Les mer
The Economic Psychology of Tax Behaviour
Tax evasion is a complex phenomenon which is influenced not just by economic motives but psychological factors as well. Economic-psychological... Les mer
Psychiatric and Behavioural Disorders in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Entirely revised and updated, this new edition of a very well-received and successful book provides the essentials for all those involved in the... Les mer
Schizotypal Personality
This book is devoted to schizotypal personality. It provides a comprehensive overview of our knowledge from some of the world’s leading researchers... Les mer
Understanding Trauma
This book analyzes the individual and collective experience of and response to trauma from a wide range of perspectives including basic neuroscience,... Les mer
Neural Basis of Semantic Memory
The advent of modern investigative techniques to explore brain function has led to major advances in understanding the neural organization and... Les mer
Human Development in the Twenty-First Century
How do human beings develop and function in relation to the human and natural world? The science of dynamic systems focuses on connections and... Les mer
Conflict in Organizational Groups
The chapters in this book were presented at a conference held at the Kellogg School of Management in June 2005 entitled Conflict in Organizational... Les mer
The Neuroscience of Psychological Therapies
The Neuroscience of Psychological Therapies summarizes knowledge of brain function and brain behavior relationships within the context of... Les mer
Hormones and Behaviour
Recent advances in non-invasive sampling techniques have led to an increase in the study of hormones and behaviour. Behaviour is complex but can be... Les mer
Imitation and Social Learning in Robots, Humans and Animals
Mechanisms of imitation and social matching play a fundamental role in development, communication, interaction, learning and culture. Their... Les mer
The Cambridge Handbook of Violent Behavior and Aggression
From a team of leading experts comes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary examination of the most current research including the complex issue of... Les mer
The Cambridge Handbook of Sociocultural Psychology
An international overview of the state of our contemporary knowledge in sociocultural psychology - as a discipline located at the crossroads between... Les mer
The Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness
The Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness is the first of its kind in the field, and its appearance marks a unique time in the history of intellectual... Les mer
The Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology of Stroke
The care of stroke patients has changed dramatically in recent years. As well as improvements in the emergency care of the condition, there have... Les mer
Brain Norepinephrine
Norepinephrine is a chemical neurotransmitter. Drugs that directly manipulate central nervous system (CNS) norepinephrine are being developed... Les mer
Why Life Speeds Up As You Get Older
Is it true, as the novelist Cees Nooteboom once wrote, that "Memory is like a dog that lies down where it pleases"? Where do the long, lazy... Les mer
Pharmaceutical Reason
Andrew Lakoff argues that a new pharmaceutical way of thinking about and acting upon mental disorder is coming to reshape not only the field of... Les mer
Creativity and Reason in Cognitive Development
To what extent do creativity and imagination decline in childhood? What factors might influence a decline? Theories of cognitive development show... Les mer
The Mathematics of Behavior
Mathematical thinking provides a clear, crisp way of defining problems. Our whole technology is based on it. What is less appreciated is that... Les mer
Women and Depression
Throughout the world, rates of depression are greater among females than males, and this gender gap emerges during adolescence and persists... Les mer
The International Handbook of Creativity
What constitutes a creative person? Is it someone who can perform many tasks innovatively? Is it someone who exhibits creative genius in one area? Is... Les mer