Di Serambi: On the Verandah: A Bilingual Anthology of Modern Indonesian Poetry

Di Serambi: On the Verandah brings together the work of twelve contemporary Indonesian poets. Over forty poems are presented in both Indonesian and English, together with notes on linguistic and cultural references, and a brief biography of each contributor. The poems have been selected to offer a range of chronological, thematic, and stylistic perspectives on Indonesian poetry. Iem Brown and Joan Davis travelled to Indonesia to interview the writers, providing the reader with a social context for the poetry. In their translations, they have kept faith with the oral tradition of Indonesian poetry, maintaining the rhythm and flow of the works, rather than presenting a purely literal interpretation. As a bilingual collection, this book serves those with general interest in Asian Studies as well as language students. Di Serambi: On the Verandah will prove invaluable to students and teachers of Indonesian language and culture.

• Bilingual - suitable for students of society or language • Indonesian studies expanding steadily • Suitable for study at different levels - upper secondary to undergraduate


Introduction; Poems by: Subagio Sastrowardoyo, Toeti Heraty, Taufiq Ismail, Ayatrohaedi, Sapardi Djoko Damono, Isma Sawitri, Gocnawan Mohamad, Sunaryono Basuki KS, Kuntowijoyo, Linus Suryadi AG, Emha Ainun Nadjib, Adhy Ryadi.

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