Vox Latina

This is a reissue in paperback of the second edition of Professor Allen’s highly successful book on the pronunciation of Latin in Rome in the Golden Age. In the second edition the text of the first edition is reprinted virtually unchanged but is followed by a section of supplementary notes that deal with subsequent developments in the subject. The author also added an appendix on the names of the letters of the Latin alphabet and a select bibliography.


Foreword to the second edition; Foreword to the first edition; Phonetic introduction; 1. Consonants; 2. Vowels; 3. Vowel length; 4. Vowel junction; 5. Accent; 6. Quality; Appendices; Supplementary notes; Select bibliography; Summary of recommended pronunciations.


\'This book is a model of clarity and succinctness. Professor Allen picks his way through a maze of converging and diverging evidence, and presents an intelligible and credible account of what classical Latin sounded like.\'

– Phonetica

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