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The Fall of Man and the Foundations of Science
Peter Harrison provides an account of the religious foundations of scientific knowledge. He shows how the approaches to the study of nature that... Les mer
Literature and Legal Discourse
The intersection between law and literature is a developing area in literary studies. Existing work has argued that literature provides an imaginary... Les mer
Transcultural Joyce
In Transcultural Joyce, a team of leading international scholars assess the afterlife of James Joyce and his writings within a multinational context.... Les mer
A biography of the German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte from birth to his resignation from his university position at Jena in 1799 due to the... Les mer
Socratic Virtue
Socrates was not a moral philosopher. Instead he was a theorist who showed how human desire and human knowledge complement one another in the pursuit... Les mer
Solidarity in Europe
Solidarity in Europe is a comprehensive study of the idea of solidarity from the early nineteenth century to the present. It covers social and... Les mer
Cosmopolitan Communications
Societies around the world have experienced a flood of information from diverse channels originating beyond local communities and even national... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to Scenography
Scenography – the manipulation and orchestration of the performance environment – is an increasingly popular and key area in performance studies.... Les mer
The Cambridge Companion to Darwin
The naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin (1809–82) ranks as one of the most influential scientific thinkers of all time. In the nineteenth... Les mer
The Systematic Philosophy of John Anderson
This book outlines the realist and pluralist philosophy of John Anderson, Australia’s most original thinker, whose articles and teaching at Sydney... Les mer
The Cambridge Introduction to Modern British Theatre
British theatre has long been regarded as a world-leader in terms of its quality, creativity and range. Starting in 1900, this book introduces the... Les mer
Schoenberg’s Transformation of Musical Language
Arnold Schoenberg is widely regarded as one of the most significant and innovative composers of the twentieth century. It is commonly assumed that... Les mer
A Concise History of Western Music
Engaging, clear and informative, this is the story of western music - of its great composers and also of its performers and listeners, of changing... Les mer
Wittgenstein’s Apprenticeship with Russell
Wittgenstein's Tractatus has generated many interpretations since its publication in 1921, but over the years a consensus has developed concerning... Les mer
Paradoxes of Political Ethics
How do the hard facts of political responsibility shape and constrain the demands of ethical life? That question lies at the heart of the problem of... Les mer
Wordsworth’s Philosophic Song
Wordsworth wrote that he longed to compose 'some philosophic Song/Of Truth that cherishes our daily life’. Yet he never finished The Recluse, his... Les mer
Carl Schmitt’s International Thought
An unrepentant Nazi, Carl Schmitt remains one of the most divisive figures in twentieth century political thought. In recent years, his ideas have... Les mer
The Good Communist
Has China become just another capitalist country in a socialist cloak? Will the Chinese Communist Party’s rule survive the next ten years of... Les mer
Europe as the Would-be World Power
For fifty years European integration has been pursued according to an operational code based on rules which have never been publicly discussed. This... Les mer
From the Soviet Bloc to the European Union
The Soviet Union’s dramatic collapse in 1989 was a pivotal moment in the complex history of Central and Eastern Europe, and Ivan Berend here offers... Les mer
The Feminine Matrix of Sex and Gender in Classical Athens
In The Feminine Matrix of Sex and Gender in Classical Athens, Kate Gilhuly explores the relationship between the prostitute, the wife, and the ritual... Les mer
Depersonalization is a dissociative disorder, causing alteration in the perception or experience of the self and a detachment from reality. This is a... Les mer
Beyond Totalitarianism
In essays written jointly by specialists on Soviet and German history, the contributors to this book rethink and rework the nature of Stalinism and... Les mer
Converting Bohemia
Prior to the Thirty Years’ War, almost all of Bohemia’s population lay outside the Catholic fold, yet by the beginning of the eighteenth century... Les mer