A Grammar of the Arabic Language

Dr Wright’s translation of Caspari’s Arabic Grammar first appeared in 1859. Since that time it has been thoroughly revised and enlarged, and has become the standard authority. Volume I contains sections on orthography and pronunciation, on the verb, the noun and adjective, on numerals, prepositions, adverbs and conjunctions. Volume II deals with syntax and prosody.


Part I. Orthography and Orthoëpy: Part II. Etymology or the Parts of Speech: 1. The verb; A. General view; B. The strong verb; C. The weak verb; 2. The noun; A. The nouns substantive and adjective; B. The numerals; C. The nomina demonstrativa and conjuctiva; Part III. The Particles: A. The prepositions; B. The adverbs; C. The conjunctions; D. The interjections.