A History of Indian Philosophy: Vol V

In this benchmark five-volume study, originally published between 1922 and 1955, Surendranath Dasgupta examines the principal schools of thought that define Indian philosophy. A unifying force greater than art, literature, religion, or science, Professor Dasgupta describes philosophy as the most important achievement of Indian thought, arguing that an understanding of its history is necessary to appreciate the significance and potentialities of India’s complex culture. Volume V is the last volume of Professor Dasgupta’s work. He had finished the manuscript at the time of his death, late in 1952. His widow, Dr Surama Dasgupta, saw it through to publication, and prefaced the book with an account of her husband’s life-work. The volume contains an examination of the literature of southern Saivism, Vira-Saivism, the philosophy of Srikantha, the Saiva philosophy in the Puranas, and Saiva philosophy in some important texts.

Nøkkelord: Filosofi Idéhistorie Indisk filosofi