Apposition in Contemporary English

Apposition in Contemporary English is a full-length treatment of apposition. It provides detailed discussion of its linguistic characteristics and of its usage in various kinds of speech and writing, derived from the data of British and American computer corpora. Charles Meyer demonstrates the inadequacies of previous studies and argues that apposition is a grammatical relation realized by constructions having particular syntactic, semantic and pragmatic characteristics, of which certain are dominant. The language of press reportage, fiction, learned writing and spontaneous conversation is analysed.

• This follows the successful first in the series by Christian Mair, Infinitival Complement Clauses in English • Charles Meyer is well known in the field • The focus on English language should strengthen this title


List of figures; Preface; 1. Apposition as a grammatical relation; 2. The syntax of apposition; 3. The semantics of apposition; 4. The pragmatics of apposition; 5. Apposition in the grammar of English; Appendices; Notes; References; Index.