Henslowe’s Diary

The diary of Philip Henslowe, owner of the Rose Theatre in London during the 1590s, remains the most valuable source of information about the workings of the Elizabethan public theatres. Discussions of theatres and drama in the age of Shakespeare routinely refer to Henslowe, whose ‘diary’ touches on every aspect of the day-to-day operations of the Rose and the companies of actors, especially the Admiral’s Men. The diary preserves the account-book of an Elizabethan theatre owner who was also the father-in-law of the leading actor, Edward Alleyn, and contains many miscellaneous and personal entries. The first edition of Henslowe’s Diary, published in 1961, has long been out of print. It provides a thorough introduction to the manuscript, a full transcription of the document itself and several helpful appendices and indexes. For this second edition one of the original editors, R. A. Foakes, has added a new preface and reading list.

• Second edition of a book from 1961 which has been out of print since the early 1970s - no other edition of this manuscript has superseded this one; there is no competition • Gives a picture of the daily life of Elizabethan theatre company • The portrait of Henslowe in the film, Shakespeare in Love, acted by Geoffrey Rush, is the same Henslowe who wrote the ‘diary’


Preface; Preface to the first edition; Introduction; The Diary; Appendices; Indexes and glossary; Plates.

Nøkkelord: Prosa Dagbok Teater Teaterhistorie