This is the most extensively annotated edition of Macbeth currently available, offering a thorough reconsideration of one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays. A full and accessible introduction studies the immediate theatrical and political contexts of Macbeth’s composition, especially the Gunpowder Plot and the contemporary account of an early performance at the Globe. It treats such celebrated issues as whether the Witches compel Macbeth to murder; whether Lady Macbeth is herself a witch; whether Banquo is Macbeth’s accomplice in crime and what criticism is levelled against Macduff. An extensive, well-illustrated account of the play in performance examines several cinematic versions, such as those by Kurosawa and Roman Polanski, and other dramatic adaptations. Several possible new sources are suggested, and the presence of Thomas Middleton’s writing in the play is proposed. Appendixes contain additional text and accompanying music.

• No competition yet from Arden 3 (not published until c. 2000) • Macbeth widely studied at upper school and undergraduate level • This edition very fully-annotated, with an accessible and full introduction


1. Introduction (Macbeth in legend, Macbeth in history, Macbeth in the mind, Macbeth in performance, Macbeth in the mind and in performance); 2. Note on the text; 3. List of characters; 4. The play; 5. Supplementary notes; 6. Textual analysis; 7. Appendixes (1: Casting Macbeth; 2. Additional text and music; 3. Relineation of the Folio); 8. Reading list.