Sophocles: Oedipus Rex

"Sophocles … created a masterpiece that in the eyes of posterity has overshadowed every other achievement in the field of ancient drama …" With these words Dr Dawe sets out the importance of Oedipus Rex. He investigates why it has for so long fascinated the human mind, devoting his introduction to an examination of the story and to the technique employed by Sophocles to unfold the plot. In this revised edition he also argues for the spurious nature of the play\'s ending. As with the first edition, the commentary deals authoritatively with problems of language and expression, but is enhanced by reflections on the text developed in the twenty years since the publication of that first edition. Written for classical scholars and students, this is a welcome revised edition of a bestselling text.

• Revised edition of the bestselling commentary on one of most enduring works of ancient drama • Includes an investigation into questions of the play\'s conclusion, in addition to those of structure and plot • Its authoritative commentary now includes reflections on the play developed in the twenty years since the publication of the first edition


Introduction; Oedipus Rex; Commentary; Appendix on lyric metres.