Terence: Eunuchus

Terence’s Eunuchus (The Eunuch) was his most successful play in his lifetime but has been surprisingly neglected by modern commentators. In this first ever full-scale commentary in English, Professor Barsby provides a thorough examination of the play in terms of its literary and dramatic qualities, its staging, and its relationship to the two plays of Menander’s on which it is based. The commentary includes scene-by-scene discussions which bring out the development of character and plot, and the notes offer a close study of Terence’s language in comparison with that of his predecessor Plautus. A full introduction puts Terence in his historical and literary context, and there are two appendices, one on metre and the other giving text and translation of the remains of Menander’s Eunouchos and Kolax.

• First ever full-scale commentary in English on this play • Thorough examination of literary and dramatic qualities of the play, with scene-by-scene discussion • Includes text and translation of the remains of two plays of Menander on which Eunuchus is based


Preface; Introduction: 1. Terence and his background; 2. Theatrical conditions and stage conventions; 3. Terence and his Greek originals; 4. Language and style; 5. Metrical structure; 6. The manuscript tradition; P. Terenti Afri Eunuchus; Commentary; Appendices; Bibliography and references; Index.