The Cambridge Companion to Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini was the dominant painter of Early Renaissance Venice and is today recognized as one of the greatest of all Italian Renaissance artists. Although he has been the subject of numerous scholarly studies, his art continues to pose intriguing problems. This volume brings together commissioned essays that focus on important topics and themes in Bellini’s career. They include a consideration of Bellini’s position in the social and professional life of early modern Venice; reassessments of his artistic relationships with his brother-in-law Mantegna, with Flemish painting, and with the ‘modern style’ that emerged in Italy around 1500; explorations of Bellini’s approaches to sculpture and architecture, and to landscape and color, elements that have always been recognized as central to his pictorial genius. The volume concludes with analyses of Bellini’s constantly evolving pictorial technique and the procedures of his busy workshop.

Complements existing monographs by concentrating on aspects of Bellini that authors treat only in passing Incorporates recent research on the subject Stimulates fruitful lines of investigation


1. Introduction Peter Humfrey; 2. Bellini’s social world J. M. Fletcher; 3. Bellini and Mantegna Keith Christiansen; 4. Bellini and Flemish painting Mauro Lucco; 5. Bellini and the ‘modern manner’ Carolyn C. Wilson; 6. Bellini and sculpture Debra Pincus; 7. Bellini and architecture Deborah Howard; 8. Bellini and landscape Augusto Gentili; 9. Bellini’s colour; 10. Bellini’s technique Jill Dunkerton; 11. Bellini’s drawings George Goldner; 12. Bellini and his collaborators Anchise Tempestini.


‘The Cambridge Companion to Giovanni Bellini is highly recommended to anyone interested in Venetian Renaissance painting.’ Times Literary Supplement

\'… the Cambridge Companion to Bellini provides a highly informative and illuminating view of many aspects of the artist\'s work and career. While more traditional topics and well-trodden ground are shown in a new light, areas for which there is little remaining documentation are handled skilfully …\'. The Art Book

\'Peter Humfrey has admirably succeeded in matching authors with topics … the Bellini Companion volume points to a remarkable resurgence of interest in an artist about whom much still remains to be said.’ Burlington Magazine

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