The Cambridge Companion to Modern Spanish Culture

This book offers a comprehensive account of modern Spanish culture, tracing its dramatic and often unexpected development from its beginnings after the Revolution of 1868 to the present day. Specially-commissioned essays by leading experts provide analyses of the historical and political background of modern Spain, the culture of the major autonomous regions (notably Castile, Catalonia, and the Basque Country), and the country’s literature: narrative, poetry, theatre and the essay. Spain’s recent development is divided into three main phases: from 1868 to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War; the period of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco; and the post-Franco arrival of democracy. The concept of ‘Spanish culture’ is investigated, and there are studies of Spanish painting and sculpture, architecture, cinema, dance, music, and the modern media. A chronology and guides to further reading are provided, making the volume an invaluable introduction to the politics, literature and culture of modern Spain.

• Comprehensive introduction to one of the major cultures of Europe • More than twenty specially commissioned essays by subject specialists covering literature, the fine arts, politics, and culture • Fresh insight into how Spain’s modern culture has developed dramatically in the years since the Franco regime


List of illustrations; Notes on contributors; Acknowledgements; Chronology of major events; Glossary; Modern Spanish culture: an introduction David T. Gies; Part I. Culture: Centre and Periphery: 1. What does it mean to study modern Spanish culture? Stephanie Sieburth; 2. Spain as Castile: nationalism and national identity E. Inman Fox; 3. A cultural mapping of Catalonia Teresa M. Vilarós; 4. The Basque country Philip W. Silver; Part II. Culture and History: 5. History, politics and culture, 1875–1936 José Álvarez Junco; 6. History, politics and culture, 1936–1975 Carolyn P. Boyd; 7. History, politics and culture, 1975–1996 Santos Juliá; Part III. Culture and Prose: 8. Narrative in culture, 1868–1936 Roberta Johnson; 9. Narrative in culture, 1936–1975 Randolph D. Pope; 10. Narrative in culture, 1975–1996 Jo Labanyi; 11. Culture and the essay in modern Spain Thomas Mermall; Part IV. Culture and Poetry: 12. Poetry and culture, 1868–1936 Richard A. Cardwell; 13. Poetry and culture, 1936–1975 Andrew P. Debicki; 14. Poetry and culture, 1975–1996 Chris G. Perriam; Part V. Culture and Theatre: 15. Theatre and culture, 1868–1936 Dru Dougherty; 16. Theatre and culture, 1936–1996 Phyllis Zatlin; Part VI. Culture and the Arts: 17. Painting and sculpture in modern Spain José Martín Martínez; 18. Culture and cinema to 1975 Kathleen M. Vernon; 19. Culture and cinema, 1975–1996 Peter W. Evans; 20. A century of Spanish architecture Luis Fernández-Galiano; 21. Spanish music and cultural identity Roger D. Tinnell; 22. To live is to dance Laura Kumin; Part VII. Media: 23. The media in modern Spanish culture Philip Deacon; Index.