The Grammar of Modern Hebrew

A reference book on Modern Hebrew morphology and syntax, this describes the language as it is really spoken and written in Israel today. The author pays particular attention to functional distinctions, giving equal weight to colloquial and formal usage.


Preface; Abbreviations and conventions; 1. About Israeli Hebrew; 2. The data; 3. The description; 4. Pronunciation and spelling; 5. Definite and indefinite; 6. Constructs and possessives; 7. Pronouns and other pro-words; 8. Quantifiers; 9. Determiners; 10. Adjectives as modifiers; 11. Preposition phrases and adverbs as modifiers; 12. Agreement in the noun phrase; 13. Tense, modality and aspect; 14. Active and passive; 15. Object phrases; 16. ‘Be’ and ‘have’ constructions; 17. Ellipsis and subject-less clauses; 18. Agreement in the clause; 19. Preposition phrases; 20. Degree words and comparatives; 21. Adjunct adverbials; 22. Focus adverbs; 23. Disjunct adverbials; 24. Link adverbials; 25. Pro-adverbs; 26. Questions; 27. Exclamations; 28. Requests; 29. Negation; 30. Types of subordination; 31. Complement clauses; 32. Adverbial clauses; 33. Relative clauses; 34. Apposed clauses; 35. Coordination; 36. Apposition; 37. Topic, focus and word order; 38. Noun types; 39. Gender and number in the noun; 40. Verb types and their inflections; 41. Adjective types and their inflection; 42. Prepositions: form and inflection; Notes to chapters; Bibliography; Index.