The Syntax of Spanish

Clear and well-organised, this textbook is an introduction to Spanish syntax, which assumes no prior knowledge of current theory. Beginning with a descriptive overview of the major characteristics of the grammar, it goes on to describe facts about Spanish, such as its word order, notions of ‘subject’, ‘direct object’, ‘auxiliary verb’ and so on. The book combines traditional grammatical description with perspectives gained from recent research in the Principles and Parameters framework. It also presents useful theoretical notions such as semantic roles, Case, and Predication. Accessibly written, the book gives just enough background so as to allow the reader to understand the lines of investigation that have been pursued in accounting for such issues as clause structure and constituent order. It will be of use to students who are interested in grammar, Spanish, or in some of the basic results of modern, formal linguistic theory.

• An accessible introduction to Spanish syntax, with up-to-date descriptions of Spanish • Clear explanations of theoretical notions • Combines traditional and modern perspectives


1. Overview of the grammar; 2. The noun phrase; 3. The verb phrase; 4. VP-related functional categories; 5. Subjects, topics and declarative constituent order; 6. A’-movement and x˚ movement through COMP.


‘… an impeccable introduction to the analysis of Spanish within the generative paradigm.’ Bulletin of Spanish Studies