Transcultural Joyce

In Transcultural Joyce, a team of leading international scholars assess the afterlife of James Joyce and his writings within a multinational context. How does Joyce haunt the works of later writers in diverse literary traditions? How well does he translate from one culture and language to another? This book consider Joyce’s reincarnations in texts from Latin America, Europe, and South Asia. Transcultural Joyce provides a fresh theoretical examination of conventional notions such as ‘influence’ and ‘translation’ and asks how Joyce is imported across particular cultural boundaries. As a canonical modernist and colonial subject, Joyce inhabits a borderline position that complicates his reception and revision by later writers. This book accounts for his cultural place as specifically Irish and more postcolonial than previous studies have acknowledged. Scholars and translators of Joyce also consider the formidable task of translating his work for a global audience.

• Leading team of international scholars assess Joyce’s international influence • Places Joyce in an Irish and postcolonial context • Contains essays on the translation and reception of Joyce in several countries