Eternal Hydra -

When a young scholar finds Eternal Hydra, a long-lost, legendary, and encyclopedic novel by an obscure Irish writer, she brings the manuscript to an esteemed publisher, hoping to secure an international audience for the book. But Vivian's obsession with the dead author, who has materialized in her life, is challenged by the work of a contemporary historical novelist, and she's forced to face confounding questions about authorship, racism, and ethical behavior. Weaving between contemporary New York, 1930s Paris, and New Orleans in the years following the Civil War, Eternal Hydra is a postmodern look at the making of a modernist masterpiece.

Praise for Piatigorsky’s earlier plays: "A play of such tight structure, such cerebral content and such sure drama that the thoughtful theatregoer could hardly fail to be impressed." -The Globe and Mail

"Mysterium Tremendum is bracing, wickedly progressive, freeform theatre that will send you back out into the world with your head spinning, wondering what the hell just went on in there? And for once, it'll be exactly the right way to feel. . . . This bent snatch of millennial meta-madness is so damned entertaining." -Eye Weekly