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Gender Inequality
The age of the male breadwinner and the female caregiver has passed, but gender inequality is as persistent as ever. This major new work intervenes... Les mer
Governing Sustainability
The crisis of unsustainability is, above all else, a crisis of governance. The transition to a more sustainable world will inevitably require radical... Les mer
Paradoxes of Political Ethics
How do the hard facts of political responsibility shape and constrain the demands of ethical life? That question lies at the heart of the problem of... Les mer
Corruption and State Politics in Sierra Leone
William Reno provides a powerful, scholarly yet shocking account of the inner workings of an African state. He focuses upon the ties between foreign... Les mer
Pre-Gay L.A.
This book explores the origins and history of the modern American movement for homosexual rights, which originated in Los Angeles in the late 1940s... Les mer
From the Soviet Bloc to the European Union
The Soviet Union’s dramatic collapse in 1989 was a pivotal moment in the complex history of Central and Eastern Europe, and Ivan Berend here offers... Les mer
Rysk energimakt
Under de senaste åren har Ryssland i takt med de ständigt växande oljeinkomsterna börjat uppträda... Les mer
Europe as the Would-be World Power
For fifty years European integration has been pursued according to an operational code based on rules which have never been publicly discussed. This... Les mer
Voldtekt & romantikk
Få ting er så akseptert av samfunnet som kvinners redsel. Denne boken er et bidrag i kampen mot denne redselen og mot den kulturen som gjør... Les mer
The Politics of Evil
In The Politics of Evil, Clifton Crais provides a unique interpretation of South African history and a fresh approach to the study of power, culture... Les mer
International News Reporting
A collection of essays by top international correspondants in print, broadcasting, and photojournalism, International News Reporting offers an... Les mer
TV-nyhetenes verden
Nyhetsankeret loser tv-seerne gjennom noen av dagens viktigste og mer trivielle begivenheter: En reporter med hjelm sender live fra et krigsområde,... Les mer
I dag kan det virke som om pornostjerner og strippere har blitt de nye feministikonene. I denne debattboken tar Ariel Levy et oppgjør med en... Les mer
The Good Communist
Has China become just another capitalist country in a socialist cloak? Will the Chinese Communist Party’s rule survive the next ten years of... Les mer
Friare kan ingen vara
Vad har hänt med Amerika? är en fråga som många ställer sig idag. Vilka idéer är det som driver Amerika? var den fråga som Göran Rosenberg... Les mer
Gentle Action
How do we build a better world for our children, our businesses, our society, and ourselves? F. David Peat's latest book provides a clear answer:... Les mer
McCain´s Promise
In February 2000 John Mc Cain was widely perceived as the voice of hope in American presidential politics: the "anti-candidate," the harbinger of... Les mer
The World Crisis
This anthology compiles the opinions of 20 British and American senior statesmen on how best to move toward a safer and more stable world, drawing... Les mer
Tariq Ali Presents Fidel Castro
In response to the American administration’s attempt to isolate Cuba, Fidel Castro delivered a series of speeches designed to radicalize Latin... Les mer
Våldtäkt och romantik
Det här är en bok om våldtäkt. Inte som ett symtom och inte som ett instrument för att plocka politiska poäng. inte heller som en symbolfråga... Les mer
After Bush
The foreign policy of the George W. Bush administration has won few admirers, and many anticipate that his successor will repudiate the actions of... Les mer
Toward Secession
A new collection of critical essays from veteran artist, author, and critic Richard Kostelanetz. Kostelanetz was born in New York City in 1940 and... Les mer
The Meaning of Sarkozy
Alain Badiou, in this sharp and focused intervention, claims that, in and of itself, the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as President is not an event,... Les mer
Regional Monetary Integration
This book surveys the prospects for regional monetary integration in various parts of the world. Beginning with a brief review of the theory of... Les mer