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Playing with Words
Playing with Words: the spoken word in artistic practice is a collection of responses from over 40 leading contemporary composers and artists who... Les mer
BallongMagasinets Lydbok
BallongMagasinet feirer 10 års-jubileum med utgivelse av LYDBOK, en antologi som undersøker hvordan lyd og lydkunst kan utfolde seg på papir – i... Les mer
OEI # 26 – Audioei 1
Audioei 1 Dubbelt cd-nummer med samtida svensk och internationell... Les mer
Adventura Anatomica
The complete music for the dance performance with the same title, performed by the composer. "With the help of modern electronica and the most... Les mer
Now you can invite that jazzman into the comfort of your own home! Reading Eunoia to yourself was fun, sure, but now you can hear it as it was meant... Les mer
Maja Ratkje’s first solo album, released on rune grammofon/ECM. produced in collaboration with jazzkammer. "Undisputedly the best record of... Les mer
Acoustic vocal improvisation, recorded in Amsterdam, Oslo and Arnhem... Les mer