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From Modernism to Postmodernism
In this overview of twentieth-century American poetry, Jennifer Ashton examines the relationship between modernist and postmodernist American... Les mer
Lust for Life
Kathy Acker one of the most original, subversive and influential writers of the late 20th century. Known variously, and notoriously, as a consummate... Les mer
Jacques Lacan
Jacques Lacan is one of the most challenging and controversial of contemporary thinkers, as well as the most influential psychoanalyst since Freud.... Les mer
Julia Kristeva
One of the most original thinkers of the twentieth century, Julia Kristeva has been driving forward the fields of literary and cultural studies since... Les mer
Roland Barthes
Roland Barthes is a central figure in the study of language, literature, culture and the media. This book prepares readers for their first encounter... Les mer
The relationships between modernity and modernism, modernism and the historical avant-garde, modernism and postmodernism, and postmodernism and the... Les mer