Grammar: A Student’s Guide

This introductory guide to grammar explains one hundred basic grammatical terms. A knowledge of such terms, and how they interconnect, is crucial for an understanding of the structure and function of language. The explanations are listed alphabetically for easy reference, like a dictionary, but offer much more than a simple definition. Each entry is divided into sections, providing a clear explanation, examples, exercises, and highlighting the main contrasts and interrelationships between the terms. Many entries contain a ‘for interest’ section which sets out further fascinating points, often drawing on some of the more exotic languages of the world, or discussing important contemporary issues, such as dialects, standard language, and sexism in language. Clearly written and easy to use, this book will be an invaluable source of information for students of language and linguistics.

• Author of the successful textbook Semantics: A Coursebook (Cambridge University Press), which is well-known for its user-friendly approach • Explanations of 100 key grammatical terms, with examples and exercises • Clear, user-friendly style and format for easy reference • Ideal for the beginner, with no prior knowledge of the formal and functional aspects of grammar


Introduction; Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations; The guide; Answers to exercises; Index.