Necessity, Volition, and Love

One of the most influential of contemporary philosophers, Harry Frankfurt has made major contributions to the philosophy of action, moral psychology, and the study of Descartes. This collection of essays complements an earlier collection published by Cambridge, The Importance of What We Care About. Some of the essays develop lines of thought found in the earlier volume. They deal in general with foundational metaphysical and epistemological issues concerning Descartes, moral philosophy, and philosophical anthropology. Some bear upon topics in political philosophy and religion.

• A major figure in contemporary philosophy and author of succesful collection published by Cambridge • He writes in a crisp and incisive style which widens the appeal • Deals with non-technical topics of general interest


Preface; Sources; 1. The logic of omnipotence; 2. Descartes’ discussion of his existence in the second meditation; 3. Descartes on the creation of the eternal truths; 4. Two motivations for rationalism: Descartes and Spinoza; 5. Continuous creation, ontological inertia, and the discontinuity of time; 6. Concerning the freedom and limits of the will; 7. On the usefulness of final ends; 8. The faintest passion; 9. On the necessity of ideals; 10. On God’s creation; 11. Autonomy, necessity, and love; 12. An alleged asymmetry between actions and omissions; 13. Equality and respect; 14. On caring.