Novalis: Fichte Studies

This volume presents the first complete translation of Fichte Studies, a powerful, creative and sustained critique of Fichtean philosophy by the young philosopher-poet Friedrich von Hardenberg, who under the pen-name Novalis went on to become the most well-known and beloved of the early German Romantic writers. Anyone interested in the fate of German philosophy and literature immediately after Kant will find this collection of notes and aphorisms a treasure-trove of original contributions on the nature of self-consciousness, the relation of art to philosophy, and the nature of philosophical inquiry. There are also the beginnings of a strikingly contemporary-sounding semiotic theory. The text is translated by Jane Kneller, who also provides an introduction situating the Fichte Studies in the context of Novalis’ life and work.

• The first and only complete translation into English • Highlights the philosophical ideas of a figure who has hitherto mostly been regarded as a poet • Will appeal to a range of readers across philosophy (esp. German Idealism), literature (esp. Romanticism), history and literary theory


Group I: 1-210; Group II: 211-287; Group III: 288-372; Group IV: 373-552; Group V: 553-568; Group VI: 569-667.