Philosophy and Biodiversity

This important collection focuses on the nature and importance of biodiversity. The concept is clarified and its intrinsic and instrumental value are discussed. Even though the term biodiversity was invented in the 1980s to promote the cause of species conservation, discussions on biological diversity go back to Plato. There are many controversies surrounding biodiversity and a few of them are examined here: What is worthy of protection or restoration and what is the acceptable level of costs? Is it permissible to kill sentient animals to promote native populations? Can species be reintroduced if they have disappeared a long time ago? How should the responsibilities for biodiversity be shared? This book will be of interest to philosophers of science and biologists, but also to anyone interested in conservation and the environment.

• The topic of biodiversity and ecology is very prevalent at the moment • Essays from both US and European scholars • The previous collection we published with European editors, The Concept of the Gene in Development and Evolution, is one of the best-selling collections in the series


List of figures and tables; List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Biodiversity considered philosophically: an introduction Markku Oksanen; Part I. Using ‘Biodiversity’: 1. The phenomenon of biodiversity Julia Koricheva and Helena Siipi; 2. Making the biodiversity crisis tractable: a process perspective Yrjö Haila; Part II. Understanding Biodiversity: 3. Plato on diversity and stability in nature Juhani Pietarinen; 4. Biodiversity, Darwin and the fossil record Kim Cuddington and Michael Ruse; 5. Biological diversity, ecological stability and downward causation Gregory M. Mikkelson; Part III. Valuing Biodiversity: 6. Jean-Jacques Rousseau: philosopher as botanist Finn Arler; 7. There is biodiversity and biodiversity: implications for environmental philosophy Keekok Lee; 8. Evaluating biodiversity for conservation: a victim of the traditional paradigm Peter R. Hobson and Jed Bultitude; 9. Limits to sustainability in nature conservation Dieter Birnbacher; Part IV. Protecting Biodiversity: 10. Biological diversity and conservation policy Kate Rawles; 11. Beavers and biodiversity: the ethics of ecological restoration Christian Gamborg and Peter Sandøe; 12. Differentiated responsibilities Robin Attfield; Index.


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