The Internet in the Workplace: How New Technology is Transforming Work

The capabilities offered by netcentric technologies might seem to eliminate the need for physical workplace altogether, but the workplace remains, partly because the virtual, and in fact, the physical appearance of a typical office looks about the same. Nevertheless, the psychological characteristics of the workplace have changed considerably. Workers, from the mail room clerk to the CEO, are learning new skills - to capitalize on the net’s power, but avoid the egregious blunders that the net so dramatically amplifies. In The Internet in the Workplace, Wallace shows how netcentric technologies touch every kind of workplace, and explores the challenges and dilemmas they create.

• Covers key topics in business management such as leadership, knowledge management, e-learning, surveillance vs. privacy, and the longer working day/working week • Research-based • Clearly written and comprehensive


1. The internet transforms the workplace; 2. The netcentric technologies emerge; 3. Work, nonwork, and fuzzy lines between; 4. Business communication; 5. Leadership in the internet age; 6. Knowledge management; 7. Virtual teams and computer-supported cooperative work; 8. E-learning; 9. Workplace surveillance and privacy; 10. The changing context of employment; 11. The netcentric workplace; future trends.