Double Change – A film archive of poetry – 2004-2005 (DVD) n°1

Double Change ( offers a perspective on contemporary French and American poetry through a bilingual reading series. Each encounter brings together two poets who read in their respective language. Opportunities for interaction, crosspollination and translation, these exchanges have been filmed to create an archive (9 video DVDs).


Charles Bernstein | Juliette Valéry
Rosmarie Waldrop | Jean-François Bory
Rae Armantrout | Philippe Beck
Cécile Mainardi

| Joe Ross | Yannick Liron
Jacques Roubaud | Keith Waldrop
Norma Cole | Emmanuel Hocquard
Cole Swensen
Valérie Mrejen

| Bill Berkson
Walt Whitman Hom(m)age

Nøkkelord: DVD Poesi Fransk samtidspoesi Amerikansk samtidspoesi

    Abigail Lang (red.) og Dominique Pasqualini (red.): Double Change – A film archive of poetry – 2004-2005 (DVD)  n°1
  • Forlag: Les presses du réel
  • Utgivelsesår: 2009
  • Merknad: 9 films directed by Meryem Delagarde. Edited by Abigail Lang and Dominique Pasqualini
  • Kategori: DVD
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  • ISBN: 9782840662990
  • Innbinding: DVD