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The Contortions
Poetry. "This incorrigible book of poems with its Rorschach tests and National Inquirer soap opera rifts puts readers through the lewd twists... Les mer
Double Change – A film archive of poetry – 2004-2005 (DVD) n°1
Double Change (www.doublechange.com) offers a perspective on contemporary French and American poetry through a bilingual reading series. Each... Les mer
Delving into the fissures of language as an opportunity to create something new, Rosenfield appropriates texts from various fields of knowledge... Les mer
Kim Rosenfield’s Trama is her first book since the award-winning Good Morning—Midnight— of 2001. Trama is both a... Les mer
Metropolis XXX
Robert Fitterman’s Metropolis XXX: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire drags Edward Gibbon’s... Les mer
Metropolis 1-15
Winner of the New American Poetry Series Competition for 1997, chosen by Bruce Andrews, this collection of poetry plays with various notions of city... Les mer