Diary Volume 3

This is the first English translation of the Diary, the most Polish and the most universal of Witold Gombrowicz's work. Volume Three records Gombrowicz's departure from Argentina for Europe, where he spends a year in Berlin and settles on the French Riviera. It details his friendship with Bruno Schulz, his reflections on Dante's "monstrous work," and his responses to the work of contemporaries, and in so doing reveals the core of a great writer's sensibility.

"I am absolutely sure that this translation will be considered a great event in American intellectual life." --Stanislaw Baranczak

"Having this book in my hands, I felt a joy at the thought that strong personalities like that of Gombrowicz, sooner or later find recognition thanks to the sheer intensity of their existence." --Czeslaw Milosz, New York Review of Books