Moscow to the End of the Line

In this classic of Russian humor and social commentary, a fired cable fitter goes on a binge and hopes a train to Petushki (where his "most beloved of trollops" awaits). On the way he bestows upon angels, fellow passengers, and the world at large a magnificent monologue on alcohol, politics, society, alcohol, philosophy, the pains of love, and, of course, alcohol.

"Erofeev's delirium tremens journey is a tale of restless, hopeless alienation and yet it is soulful in the Russian manner. . . . The poignancy of Venya's follies is almost unbearable." --Elizabeth Hardwick, New Republic

"Linguistically, it is as intoxicating as Gogol. Erofeev's Russian is rich, expressive, multilayered: there are the crudest vulgarities next to some of the most poetic prose imaginable, and the work becomes epic." --World Literature Today

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