The Adventures of Ali & Ali and the aXes of Evil: A Divertiment

In this elaborate agitprop theatrical collaboration, the internal contradictions and duplicitous double-speak of the "war on terror" are exposed as the propaganda vehicles for the neo-colonialism of the West that they are. "Ali Hakim" and "Ali Ababwa," refugees from the imaginary country "Agraba," attempt to seduce their audience into providing them with food, refuge, security, freedom, and the material benefits of Western consumer society, failing miserably at every step. A hard-hitting presentation of a play-within-a-play assaults the audience as Youssef, Verdecchia, and Chai do Shakespeare, Shaw and Swift one better.

"What makes Ali and Ali more than the sum of its satirical-jibe parts as it takes aim at the inscrutability of U.S. foreign policy is its cunning ability to play by those very same rules to their expected devastating conclusions ..." --Globe & Mail