Tolstoy: Plays V3 - Volume III: 1894-1910

Although Tolstoy's fame rests on his novels, he was also a prolific dramatist. Because his plays are satirical, didactic, and colored by complex peasant dialect, earlier translations have been seriously flawed. These imperfect translations, coupled with Tolstoy's famous polemics against Shakespeare and Chekhov, have reinforced the general misapprehension that Tolstoy was not a dramatist.

Now noted Slavic philologist Marvin Kantor has prepared the first complete English translation of the great writer's plays. This volume contains plays written during the years 1894 to 1910, including:

Peter the Breadman

And the Light Shineth in Darkness

The Living Corpse

The Wisdom of Children

The Traveler and the Peasant

The Cause of It All