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Stark Impressions
This presentation of 143 works, organized into six thematic groupings, provides a view of the diversity, complexity, and cultural milieu in which... Les mer
The Life of Arseniev - Youth
Ivan Bunin was the first Russian writer of the twentieth century to be award the Nobel Prize in literature. Like many other Russian writers, he... Les mer
The Sword of Truth
At the turn of the eighteenth to the nineteenth century a revolutionary movement arose in Hausaland (now part of northern Nigeria) that was to have a... Les mer
Fritz Reiner - A Biography
Thirty years after his death, Fritz Reiner's contribution--as a conductor, as a teacher (of Leonard Bernstein, among others), and as a... Les mer
An Islamic Alliance
An Islamic Alliance uses non-European sources to portray the defense, by devoutly Islamic leaders, of some of the last parts of the African continent... Les mer
The Bread of Those Early Years
Torn by insecurity and cynicism, washing-machine repairman Walter Fendrich is obsessed with hunger, "the wolf living inside my stomach."... Les mer
A classic of socialist realism, Cement became a model for Soviet fiction in the decades following its publication in the early 1920s. Gleb, a soldier... Les mer
Chicago Lawyers, Revised Edition
The legal profession is stratified primarily by the character of the clients served, not by the type of legal service rendered, as John P. Heinz and... Les mer
A classic of socialist realism, Cement became a model for Soviet fiction in the decades following its publication in the early 1920s. Gleb, a soldier... Les mer
Missing Persons and Other Essays
The only collection of BÖll's nonfiction prose to be published in English, these twenty-nine essays, reviews, and speeches--including his 1972... Les mer
Music and More - Essays, 1975-1991
"Classical music today is in deep trouble." With these disturbing words, Samuel Lipman introduces us to his own testimony on the current... Les mer
Gogol: Plays and Selected Writings
The theatrical genius of Gogol has gone largely unappreciated by English-speaking audiences because literal translations have left his plays... Les mer
In 1943 Wenk, a German soldier guarding the Normandy coast, finds himself in a war where the main enemies are loneliness and misery. Corruption is... Les mer
Compulsory Happiness
In cool, precise prose, and with an unerring sense of the absurd, Norman Manea's four novellas create a picture of everyday life in a grotesque... Les mer
The Company of Words
In this provocative work, John McCumber asks us to understand Hegel's system as a new approach to linguistic communication. Hegel, he argues, is... Les mer
Postphenomenology is a fascinating investigation of the relationships between global culture and technology. The impressive range of subjects to... Les mer
A Time to Gather Stones
Vladimir Soloukhin is well known as one of the founders of the village prose movement in Soviet Russian literature. Like other village prose writers,... Les mer
Winner of the 1993 Terrence Des Pres Prize for Poetry This is the debut collection of Timothy Russell--born in Ohio, raised in West Virginia, and... Les mer
A Stein Reader
This important collection presents Gertrude Stein for the first time in her brilliant modernity. Ulla E. Dydo's textual scholarship demonstrates... Les mer
After Post-Structuralism
After Poststructuralism: Interdisciplinary and Literary Theory challenges the premises of and suggests new alternatives to the more extreme... Les mer
Of Derrida Heidegger and Spirit
Jacques Derrida's De l'espirit: Heidegger et la question is one of his most interesting and accessible later works. In it, Derrida attempts... Les mer
In Praise of the Impure - Poetry and the Ethical Imagination
Alan Shapiro is not only a much-lauded poet but also one of America's most intelligent and clearheaded thinkers about poetry. In Praise of the... Les mer
Heraclitus Seminar
In 1966-67 Martin Heidegger and Eugen Fink conducted an extraordinary seminar on the fragments of Heraclitus. Heraclitus Seminar records those... Les mer
Diary Volume 3
This is the first English translation of the Diary, the most Polish and the most universal of Witold Gombrowicz's work. Volume Three records... Les mer