The early stories 1953- 1975

Gathering together almost all the short fiction that John Updike published between 1953 and 1975, this collection opens with Updike's autobiographical stories about a young boy growing up during the Depression in a small Pennsylvania town. There follows tales of life away from home, student days, early marriage and young families, and finally Updike's experimental stories on The Single Life'. Here, then, is a rich and satisfying feast of Updike his wit, his easy mastery of language, his genius for recalling the subtleties of ordinary life and the excitements, and perils, of the pursuit of happiness.

    John Updike: The early stories 1953- 1975
  • Forlag: Penguin Books
  • Utgivelsesår: 2005
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  • ISBN: 9780141016085
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