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East Slope
Su Shi was born in Meishan, Sichuan Province in the year 1037 and died in 1101 (from Harefoot to ... Les mer
Chinese Erotic Poems
The ancient Chinese tradition of erotic poetry has been largely ignored in the west. Now, a vast continent of sensual verse is opened to us with this... Les mer
The Modern Fable
Born in 1894, Nishiwaki Junzaburo began by writing poems in English and French, his first two books being published in London. His early poems of... Les mer
Viften av perlemor
Arne Dørumsgaards (1921-2006) gjendiktning av Østens poesi omfatter 21 bind, hvor han presenter Kina, Japan og Koreas viktigste diktere og deres... Les mer
Chagall og et blad
Tanikawa er kendt for sin humor, varme og ironi, hvilket skinner igennem i digtsamlingen Shuntaro Tanikawa (f.1931) er Japans mest elskede og... Les mer
Nye kinesiske digte
Nye kinesiske digte tegner et billede af poesien, som den ser ud i dagens Kina. Der er både bidrag fra allerede kendte og veletablerede digtere som... Les mer
Across the Darkness of the River
Poet, painter, and essayist Hsi Muren is perhaps the most widely read woman poet in Taiwan. Ever since her first two collections of poetry, Seven... Les mer
Book of Reincarnation
Combining Chinese classicism with modern ideas, Buddhist concepts, and metaphors with subjects associated with the Taiwanese claim to their native... Les mer
Howling at the Moon
Born into a wealthy family, Hagiwara Sakutaro (1886-1942) was able as a young man to devote himself to poetry. Although he did not finish college, he... Les mer
Yang Lian stands with Bei Dao and others as one of the major living Chinese exiled poets. Indeed, he and Bei Dao both belonged to the group described... Les mer
Ten Thousand Lives
Born in 1933 in a small rural village in Korea's North Cholla Province, Ko Un grew up in a Japanese-controlled land that was soon to experience the... Les mer