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ARTMonitor 8/2010: The Art Text
This issue is dedicated to the forms of artistic writing that are not fiction, critique or science, but interesting examples of the new kinds of... > Les mer
ARTMonitor 6/2009
In ArtMonitor 6/2009 there is a discussion on artistic research partly based on the exhibition and the seminar Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Something.... > Les mer
ArtMonitor 5/2008: The Politics of Magma
Processes of renewal and change taking place in a landscape, the conflicts, the open and hidden agendas, the hopes and deceptions … in short the... > Les mer
ARTMonitor 2/2008 – Konstens plats/The Place of Art
ArtMonitor – en tidskrift som vill spegla den intensiva debatt som pågår inom fältet konstnärlig forskning och som innehåller texter av... > Les mer