Isolated - Two Plays

Isolated collects two plays by an original dramatic voice.

In Recovery, people around the world are addicted to a mysterious substance. Large recovery centers are set up, promising refuge, treatment, and healing to millions of addicts. But all is not what it seems. Following three residents of a facility in Antarctica, Recovery is a subtle, quirky, and disturbing play of Orwellian proportions about the commodification of fear, the oppression of the individual, and the blinding consequences of a medicalized society.

In Get Away, a strange malaise is leaving people listless and apathetic. David escapes to a cabin in the woods where he discovers two hauntingly beautiful teenagers. Sensing that they might be the key to his survival, and wanting to protect them, he invites them in. The three become dangerously intertwined, and it becomes unclear who is the predator and who is the prey. Part fairy tale and part horror film, Get Away is a haunting look at the destructive nature of longing and our desperate need for love.

"[MacArthur] has a beautiful voice and his analysis of the unpredictability of our sexuality, at once nurturing and predatory, is shrewd." --Globe and Mail