In a Time of Drought: Selected Writings 4: Part 2, The Balkan Trilogy

Set in the crumbling ruins of Yugoslavia, In a Time of Drought condemns war, destruction and dictatorship and invokes fertility, nurture and peace. The key figure is the Balkan rain maiden. This gypsy or peasant girl takes on an ancient mythological authority and a wholly modern moral presence. In the wake of waste and war she is the incarnation of hope and renewal.

In a Time of Drought has received the international Morava Charter Award. It forms the second part of Richard Berengarten’s Balkan Trilogy and is published together with the other two parts, The Blue Butterfly and Under Balkan Light. This edition is also the fourth volume in the Salt series of his Selected Writings.

Richard Berengarten used to be known as RICHARD BURNS. With the publication of this book, he now repossesses the family name of his father, the cellist and saxophonist Alexander Berengarten.

Nøkkelord: Poesi