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Tun-huang Popular Narratives
Tun-huang Popular Narratives presents authoritative translations of four vernacular Chinese stories, taken from fragmentary texts usually referred to... Les mer
Arabic Literature to the End of the Umayyad Period
The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature is the first general survey of the field to have been published in English for over fifty years and the... Les mer
Esthetics of Music
This book is an introduction to the esthetics of music. Aesthetics, which were of prime importance in thinking about music in the nineteenth century,... Les mer
Goethes Faust
Med innledning av Thomas... Les mer
The Ferment of Realism
This book traces the central developments in American literature between and 1919. It opens with an account of the consolidation of realism as the... Les mer
Goethe and the Greeks
The revolution that is going on in me is that which has taken place in every artist who has studied Nature long and diligently and now seeks the... Les mer
Seneca the Elder
A feature of Roman rhetorical education under the early empire was the dominance of the declamatio - the declamation on a mythological, historical or... Les mer
Marxism, positivism och litteratur
I denna studie analyseras kampen mellan den akademiska litteraturvetenskapen under 1930-talet och en marxistiskt påverkad litteratursociologisk... Les mer
Art and its Objects
What defines a work of art and determines the way in which we respond to it? This classic reflection was written with the belief that the nature of... Les mer
Allegories of Reading
'Through elaborate and elegant close readings of poems by Rilke, Proust's Remembrance, Nietzsche's philosophical writings and the major works of... Les mer
Creative Imitation and Latin Literature
The poets and prose-writers of Greece and Rome were acutely conscious of their literary heritage. They expressed this consciousness in the regularity... Les mer
Semantic Theory
Semantics is a bridge discipline between linguistics and philosophy; but linguistics student are rarely able to reach that bridge, let alone cross it... Les mer
A Critical Introduction to Modern Arabic Poetry
This book is the first critical survey of the development and achievements of modern Arabic poetry, here signifying the period from the latter half... Les mer
Det gäller realismen
Det här är den första av två volymer som tillsammans kommer att innehålla de viktigaste av den ungerske litteraturteoretikern Georg Lukács’... Les mer
American Puritan Imagination
Over the last two decades a major revaluation has been taking place of the colonial Puritan imagination. With the growth of interest in early... Les mer
This classic, first published in 1969, introduces to English-speaking readers a field which is of increasing importance in contemporary philosophy... Les mer
Kritiska essäer
Innehåll: Värld och sakvärld; Objektiv -- objektbestämd -- litteratur; Baudelaires dramatik; Den blinda Mor Courage; Brecht-revolutionen;... Les mer
De la grammatologie
Jacques Derrida, est un philosophe francais qui a initié puis développé la méthode de la déconstruction. Ce concept (bien que Derrida récuse... Les mer
Shakespeare’s Stagecraft
For many years, critics and students of Shakespeare have tended to stress that his plays are poetic structures embodying ‘themes’, and these... Les mer
Litteraturens nollpunkt
I sin inledning till den här boken sktiver Roland Barthes: Hébert började aldrig ett nummer av Pére Duchêne utan att stoppa in ett antal... Les mer
Homer and the Epic
This is a shortened and rearranged version of The Songs of Homer, Professor Kirk’s vivid and comprehensive account of the background and... Les mer
The Verbal Icon
Essays written between 1941 and 1952 review critical approaches to literature and the verbal meaning of... Les mer
Så funkar det!
Så funkar det! är Ariels litteraturvetenskapliga fickhandbok - eller nåt. Klargörande och koncist, lekfullt och förtätat reder Paul Soares ut... Les mer