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Out of This World
Gilles Deleuze was one of the most influential French philosophers of the last century. Michel Foucault famously suggested that the 20th century... Les mer
The Anti-Oedipus Papers
"The unconscious is not a theatre, but a factory," wrote Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in Anti-Oedipus (1972), instigating one of the... Les mer
Utopia Deferred
The Utopie group was born in 1966 at Henri Lefebvre's house in the Pyrenees. The eponymous journal edited by Hubert Tonka brought together... Les mer
Adorno: A Guide for the Perplexed
One of the most influential philosophers and cultural theorists of the twentieth century, Theodor Adorno poses a considerable challenge to students.... Les mer
Man bør tvivle om alt - og tro på meget
Da denne på én gang pædagogisk anlagte og fagligt solide fremstilling af filosofiens historie fra begyndelsen i det 6. årh. fvt. til de... Les mer
Lacan: The Silent Partners
Jacques Lacan is the foremost psychoanalytic theorist after Freud. Revolutionizing the study of social relations, his work has been a major influence... Les mer
Meditationer over den første filosofi
Alle kender vendingen ’cogito ergo sum’ – måske også den kåde variant: ’coitus ergo sum’ (sådan set lige så sand) – men ikke alle... Les mer
Thomas Aquinas (1224/6-1274) was one of the greatest of the medieval philosophers. His Summa Theologiae is his most important contribution to... Les mer
Kroppens fænomenologi
Den fænomenologiske tilgang til verden – en umiddelbar oplevelse af helheder og værenstilstande – kan tage sig meget forskellig ud, især hvis... Les mer
The Parallax View
The Parallax View is Slavoj Zizek's most substantial theoretical work to appear in many years; Zizek himself describes it as his magnum opus.... Les mer
Descartes: A Biography
Descartes is best remembered for ‘I think, therefore I am’, but his main contribution to the history of ideas was to construct a philosophy that... Les mer
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Nietzsche regarded ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ as his most important work, and his story of the wandering Zarathustra has had enormous influence on... Les mer
Thomas Aquinas (1224/6-1274) was one of the greatest of the medieval philosophers. His Summa Theologiae is his most important contribution to... Les mer
Summa Theologiae
The Summa Theologiae ranks among the greatest documents of the Christian Church, and is a landmark of medieval western thought. It is regularly... Les mer
Minima Moralia
“A volume of Adorno is equivalent to a whole shelf of books on literature.” — Susan Sontag “The best thoughts of a noble and invigorating... Les mer
For Marx
A milestone in the development of post-war Marxist thought, this is the work in which Louis Althusser formulated some of his most influential ideas.... Les mer
The System of Objects
A cultural critique of the commodity in consumer society, The System of Objects is a tour de force – a theoretical letter-in-a-bottle tossed into... Les mer
Liberalism and Democracy
A magisterial introduction to the relationship between liberalism and democracy, from its beginnings in classical Greek thought to our own... Les mer
The Function of Criticism
This wide-ranging book argues that criticism emerged in early bourgeois society as a central feature of a “public sphere” in which political,... Les mer
The Information Bomb
Virilio’s exploration of the relationship between technology, speed, war and information technology weaves together a breathtaking worldview of... Les mer
Culture and Materialism
A comprehensive introduction to the work of one of the outstanding intellectuals of the twentieth century.  Raymond Williams is a towering... Les mer
The Moral Law
Few books have had as great an impact on intellectual history as Kant’s The Moral Law. In its short compass one of the greatest minds in the... Les mer
Desert Screen: War at the Speed of Light
Desert Screen is a vision of future war. Paul Virilio identifies the Gulf War as a turning point in history, the last industrial and the first... Les mer
'Antikrist' består af materiale, Nietzsche havde tiltænkt et større projekt ('Omvurdering af alle værdier'), men i september 1888 opgiver og... Les mer